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We are NYC-based, licensed electrical contractors and engineers
operating in the commercial and institutional markets.


We love harnessing the power of creating: transforming our client’s visions into tangible results.



Since our founding in 1988, Egg Electric has been disrupting the electrical industry in NYC. We believe that our top-quality work, versatility in operations, and time-honed experience is what sets the standard industry-wide. We ensure smooth operations at all our sites by taking a proactive, not reactive, approach to our work and have nurtured and maintained hundreds of partnerships through our hands-on efficiency. In a word: we do things differently. Learn to expect more with Egg Electric.


We are NYC-based, licensed electrical contractors and engineers operating in the commercial and institutional market. We specialize in new construction, healthcare institutions, and high-end corporate interiors. By taking a proactive approach to our work, we increase efficiency and decrease lag across every industry we service. As our valued partners can attest, Egg Electric brings a collaborative energy, diverse skill set, fresh perspectives, and can-do attitude to every project we undertake.


We’ve been tirelessly devoted to debunking misconceptions about what the electrical contracting process can be throughout our 20+ years of servicing New York City. While our project coordination, management, and labor are always executed perfectly, we take far more pride in the mastering of our core mantra: “We play offense today instead of defense tomorrow”. We proactively tackle every project with alacrity, professionalism, and flexibility. Our versatile skill set allows us to take on a diverse range of projects, while our eagerness to embrace change brings a fresh perspective to every project, site, and industry we service.



We do things differently. We’ll never settle for the status quo when it comes to new technologies (including 3-D imagery, Auto-Cad, Pre-fab, and more), innovative strategies, and progressive team values. Throughout our decades in the industry, we have never allowed ourselves to grow complacent with industry norm. We rise to every challenge and embrace change with open arms.


By taking on a diverse range of projects and executing to perfection on every account, we’ve trained ourselves and our company to embrace challenges head on. While many electricians will claim to “do it all”, our thousands of satisfied clients from across hundreds industries can vouch for our ability to embrace change and deliver results. Nothing stands in the way of our “can-do” attitude.


The construction world is often regarded as a measure of distrust. Are the completion dates accurate? How many delays can we expect? Starting from our CEO all the way to our on-site laborers, we’ve adopted an honesty-first approach to our work. We don’t stand for B.S. internally, and we’ve promised to never “fluff” or “stretch the truth” for our partners.


Despite our considerable size and distribution across industries, we work closely with our partners to ensure an incredible final result. By not only working for, but WITH our clients, we create a collaborative partnership that allows ideas and dreams to turn into an electrifying reality.


In our industry, the three defining factors on any site are time, quality, and price. We make promises that we keep: to bring the highest-quality work to your project in the most efficient manner possible. By thinking ahead and planning accordingly, we ensure projects run on-time and within budget, while maintaining the ultimate in standards for quality and design.


Quality: an old fashion word. Today, everybody wants it faster and cheaper. Yet, when it comes to quality, we want to stay old fashioned. Your satisfaction with our work is our first priority, and we will be sure to deliver every time.