The High Line

Running between 30th and 34th streets, the third extension of the vibrant Highline elevated park opened in 2014 featuring integrated LED rail and bench lighting installed by The EGG Electric Team. Working with Sciame Construction to accomplish the most dynamic section of the Highline installed to date, EGG understood the opening date of the park was set in stone – and EGG played offense, actively phasing our installation to be in lock step with the schedule and other trades involved. EGG installed complete lighting, vendor power, lighting controls and security system, integrating an electrical system buried beneath the Highline walkway’s concrete planks with discrete access boxes for lighting power supplies and technical components, hidden in planters amongst the diverse foliage. A key challenge was building around, beneath and within the ancient railway structure beds, to make a complex electrical system simply disappear.

The Highline is about fine architectural details, and EGG excelled at delivering them- each detail custom made of integrated parts supplied by multiple companies. As part of the team, EGG coordinated each electrical detail actively with the designers, verifying the finished install would live up to the standard set by the success of prior Highline phases. EGG engineered and furnished a number of custom light fixture installations adapted for the unique spaces visitors encounter- from hidden lights of the children’s play area, to musical activity tables.

The set day Mayor de Blasio was to cut the ribbon on the Highline, inaugurating with a ceremonial first walk by the public, electrical was complete in its entirety – lights on. Participating with Sciame in the critical success of the most celebrated section of the Highline was a great accomplishment, and EGG Electric is proud to have played a part in bringing another great New York public space to life.




Small details separated by long distances were a keen challenge –  through highly accurate identification, planning, and field surveying, EGG confidently prefabricated most fine electrical details offsite, and “snapped” them right into their place on the architectural metalwork.


Key Facts:

Client: Sciame Construction
Size: Section 3 — 2.5 Acres
Date: 2014
Location: 30th St & 11th Ave.
Owner: Friends of the Highline
Value: $2.5 Million
Key Accomplishments:  Installed Complete LED Lighting system, Lighting Controls, Vendor Power & Security System closely integrated with architectural quality details
Tools and Technologies Used:  Laser Measuring, Prefabrication, Cloud Based Collaborative Workflow

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