Tech Media HQ – NYC

On the top floor of Chelsea market, the Brandlab media space for this fortune 500 tech company was one of the most unique and exciting projects EGG Electric has had the pleasure of completing. The multi-use space combined all the functions of a corporate event space, with all the lighting and power requirements of a black box theatre. Every conference room and meeting space in the Brand lab was designed to also act as a shooting location, with addressable studio light hookups in every space. EGG’s work included fitout of editing suites, three shooting soundstage studios, and the Brand lab itself- a multifaceted geometric pavilion that featured integrated lights.

Key accomplishments go beyond the intense high-performance delivery schedule of the project, and include the coordination and installation of the largest LED light panel installation of its kind to date in NYC; Acting as a projection screen for integrated live video, the LED panels brought a high voltage feel to the space. To function as a studio, the entire space was sound isolated from the existing structure –  an added challenge that required the electrical installation overcome. Under the guidance of Benchmark Builders, EGG worked hand in hand with production company Barbizon to fitout the theatrical needs of the space. The work included a massive central lighting control system, that allowed the entire facility lighting to change daily needs for new moods. The fitout also involved multiple specialty scenes, from a diner booth to community steps, each requiring carefully installed integrated lighting.

Building the brandlab for a tech giant was a profound experience for The EGG Team, where we demonstrated our full capability to install cutting edge tech media spaces on schedule in the demanding NYC environment. EGG’s proven ability to rise to the challenge brought the energy, developing the media of tomorrow.




EGG used advanced planning and coordination to install theatrical electric above sound ceilings, well ahead of sequence – doing so the project schedule was advanced, and the ceiling was cleaner for theatrical uses!


Key Facts:

Client: Benchmark Builders
Size: 22,000 SF
Date: 2014
Location: Chelsea Market
Value: $6 Million
Key Accomplishments: Theatrical lighting, power and controls for a living studio space, featuring Brandlab meeting space, AV editing suites, and three dedicated soundstages.
Tools and Technologies Used:  Individually addressable light fixture control, LED projection screens

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